What it is:

A buying group for office supplies to help advice organisations minimise their costs.

There is a core list of over 100 items that are the most commonly bought items between the 60+ organisations that are part of the group. These offer the most competitive prices and have been negotiated on specifically (and are reviewed with the potential of a decrease, quarterly).

Core list prices are fixed (exempting a decrease) for the year (these run in 12-month cycles). LLST will organise re-tenders to ensure the prices remain as competitive as possible.

There is no minimum spendno exclusivity, and no pressure to buy.
Free next-day delivery with every order (must be pre 4pm if outside London).

Free to:

Any registered charity or organisation in the UK that provide or facilitate free legal advice to those in need. LLST do not get any % or benefits separate to the group – this is a scheme for the benefit of all who are part of it equally.

2019 Savings

In 2019, agencies saved £109,976 off the RRP for their stationery needs through the buying group.

The process:

When an agency expresses interest in the scheme LLST share the core list of prices and products with them. If the agency has any cheaper prices or different core products LLST can negotiate these for the group.

If an agency decides to join the scheme they need to be introduced by LLST but then will liaise directly with the supplier, but their orders will be counted with others in the group, thereby saving money.

The legal and financial relationships exist entirely between the organisation and the supplier – they will invoice you, entirely separately from the group. The shared element is purely the pricing and negotiation on that.

“I think everybody at Commercial are very helpful, polite and I like dealing with them.”

Advice Agency, Buying Group Member.