Small Grants

LLST have a designated small grants round for grants up to £5,000. We plan to give about 10 - 15% of our grants pot away through this strand (in 2020 about £120,000).

Due to the effects of COVID19 on our own funds and the services of specialist legal advice centres we will only provide funds to maintain agencies that are in severe difficulties for the rest of the year. Please don't apply for non emergency funding.

Any charitable organisation that provides free legal advice (including pro bono) to people living in London and some home counties can apply for this under one of the following priorities:

  1. Form 1 - Supporting additional  legal advice services   
  2. Form 2 - Keeping the doors open of legal advice services  that need time to regain sustainability
  3. Form 3 - One off capital costs, particularly associated with capacity building or improving sustainability (i.e. reducing costs, increasing efficiency through new systems, technology or moving/altering premises).
  4. Form 4 - Development of legal advice agencies where none currently exist

Deadlines for Small Grant Applications in 2020 are:

Sunday 9th February before midnight 
Sunday 21st June before midnight- Keeping doors open only
Sunday 11th October before midnight- Keeping doors open only

To apply you need to complete the relevant application for the priority you are applying under. You can click the links above to get these or the buttons below. 

Once completed, please save and email the form, along with any supporting documentation (i.e. budgets or business plans) to

Please do not send anything in hard copy. If you have any questions - do get in touch.

1 2
3 4

If your funding request is urgent and you may close before our next funding
round please
 contact us directly.

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