Money Saving

In addition to the fundraising we do, LLST is committed to supporting legal advice centres in being cost-efficient.

Our Money Saving Project has a range of schemes and resources that can save Legal Advice centres and charities money and streamline their operations. 

If you have any thoughts on other schemes that you have used, resources that could be signposted to, or you have suggestions for the other areas where a group buying scheme may be beneficial then please let us know by contacting

Energy Costs

LLST is in partnership with Utility Aid who offer a free energy audit service to see whether you can save money on your energy bills and/or reduce your energy consumption.

This is a free service. Any  charity or business could save money on bills, help the environment and earn a referral fee for themselves as a charity or for LLST if you are a company.

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Stationery Buying Group

LLST is in partnership with Commerical to help advice organisations lower stationery costs. There is a core list of 127 items that are commonly bought between the 60+ organisations that are part of the group. 

Togther we have more buying power!

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The Archive Warehouse

The Archive Warehouse are a Records Management provider who specialise in off-site document storage, document scanning and secure shredding services. They have agreed on a price arrangement for any charity coming via LLST.

They offer ways to keep your move cost neutral and save money.

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WorkPlace Live

WorkPlace Live offers Hosted Desktop services. If you are moving premises, needing to renew old hardware or reviewing your current IT arrangments, WorkPlaceLive could be the answer!

Customers no longer need to worry about expensive software licensing updates, backups or support. Find out more about how charitable organisations may be able to take advantage LLST's partnership with WorkPlace Live.

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Frank Machine  Group Offer

Advice charities are able to make use of this buying group for Franking Machines. Charities who spend over £400 a year on postage are very likely to save money through this deal as the group deal contract includes the quarterly rental and maintenance, in addition to a 20% discount to the price of ink.

This deal is free to any registered charity or organisation in the UK that provides or facilitates free legal advice to those in need.



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John M Hayes

John M Hayes can help improve cash flow, by getting your files to the LAA quickly therefore reducing delays in receiving your payments. They can also provide a bespoke service to meet your costing needs, such as in house and remost costs services. In addition, flexible charging arrangements can be made, including the option to claim back the fee from the LAA in Court bills and certain types of claim forms.


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