Case Studies

The specialist advice agencies we support help people with a wide range of problems and issues. Resolving a problem quickly can help prevent the situation from worsening; frontline advisors help their communities access justice every day.



Advice agencies support and assist those who are discriminated against due to disability.


Empowering people to overcome and reduce debts, allowing them to move forward positively and reduce poverty.


Specialist advisors can help people to enforce their rights in the workplace and take action if they are unfairly dismissed.


Protecting people's homes is vital. Advisors help families and individuals living in unsuitable housing, and challenge those suffering from unfair evictions, homelessness, and more.

Modern day slavery

There are many survivors of modern-day slavery, and professional support is needed to give them access to their rights and enable them to rebuild their lives.

Removal of care

For many, the correct care being provided is vital to enable them to live independent, healthy lives. Advice charities help right the situations where wrong decisions are made and care is removed.

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Please be aware that we are not able to provide legal advice. Please visit to find support in your area, or for practical information.