10k Inspiration

For those who still want to walk or run 10k on the 5th of October we recommend you take on the challenge local to where you are.

Though ParkRun events are currently suspended, their website has over 700 5km routes in both the UK and abroad, so lap the route twice to complete your 10k for Justice

The National Trust has reopened 130 parks and gardens - tickets are available through advance booking so get out in nature and enjoy the great outdoors on as you take on 10k.

The Outdoor Guide have a brilliant selection of walks all over the UK, including 9 walks in London.

Or if you are working in central London you can join our traditional River Route walk  from your office. Please note that there is no official start or end point to reduce congestion and gathering. Please be aware that the route will not have marshals. Responsibility for safe social distancing lies with the individual. 

No matter the route you take please ensure that you practice social distancing. The current government guidelines can be found here.

If you are walking close to home it is best to stick to a quiet route you are familiar with where you can ensure safe social distancing. Don't forget you can also build up your step count walking on the spot in your living room or doing laps of the garden.


Download and print our 10k Inspiration Maps:

River Route South River Route East Accessible Route 20

You can find the google maps version of the maps below (if you want to zoom in!) 

River Route South

River Route East

Accessible Route


Apps to help you mark 10km

MapMyWalk - Track and map all your workouts

Strava - GPS cycling, running (and walking) app

RunKeeper - Track your runs, walks and hikes for free with the RunKeeper app


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