10,000 Steps for Justice Email Signature Banners

Signed up already? Then why not add one of the signature banners below to your emails to let people know what you are doing and get more sponsorship!

If you are completing your 10,000 Steps for Justice challenge in a different way, let us know by sending an email to signups@llst.org.uk and we can create a more personalised banner for you. Whether you're skipping, marching, getting your pets involved or something else, we would love to hear from you!

Right click and save your chosen banner to download.


Banners For Walkers

10k Steps I am walking email

10k Steps we are walking email


Banners For Runners

10k Steps I am running email

10k Steps we are running email


Team-building Banners

10k Steps join me email

10k Steps join us email

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