10,000 Steps for Justice

Despite the postponement of the London Legal Walk, we will still be marking the 8th June with '10,000 Steps for Justice' before coming together in solidarity and support for free frontline legal advice services on the 5th October.

10,000 Steps for Justice is a virtual event, giving you and your team the flexibility to take part in the comfort of your living room, in a local park or on your lunch break*.

In light of the Covid-19 outbreak, there will be a significant rise in Emergency Funding applications from advice agencies as they deal with the ongoing situation. Fundraising for free legal advice services is therefore more critical than ever if agencies are to continue doing such a fantastic job in preventing homelessness, resolving debt problems, gaining care for the elderly, and fighting discrimination and exploitation.

10,000 steps for justice will be a great opportunity to engage your family and colleagues in this vital cause, whether you are working from home or remaining in your office. But we also hope that it will re-ignite a strong sense of community across the legal sector as the country continues to go through this difficult period of isolation.

How to Get Involved

To make this happen, we are asking you to share your every step of the way on social media using #10kstepsforjustice - whether it's a photo of you in your living room/garden, a screenshot of your step count or even a video of your four-legged friend taking part with you in a park, we want to hear from you on 8th June!

If your organisation has already signed up for the London Legal Walk, you can simply use your current VMG fundraising page for this virtual event. Click here for a full list of teams already signed up.

If your organisation has not yet signed up for the London Legal Walk you can do so by clicking the sign up button below. We will then create your fundraising page which you can use for both the virtual 10,000 Steps for Justice in June and the London Legal Walk in October.

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Sign Up Button

*We will keep updating this page with the latest advice from the Government and public bodies regarding social distancing measures in June, to ensure the safety of walkers participating in 10,000 Steps for Justice.

As per the current government guidelines in place from 23rd March, people living anywhere in Britain are able to leave their homes only once each day for exercise purposes. Individuals may only be accompanied by one member of their household and must ensure that a distance of at least 2 metres is kept from anyone else that they might pass. 

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