Big Half Marathon 2020

A huge thank you to all of the wonderful runners who raced for justice at the Big Half. Together, you have raised over £10,500.

The Big Half Marathon returned to London on Sunday 1st March 2020 for another day of running and celebration. Now in its third year, the Big Half prides itself on having created a sports event for all Londoners. It is a celebration of the diversity that the City has embraced with open arms. This is an ethos that we, at the London Legal Support Trust, share and actively support in our work supporting access to justice. Because, after all, coming together is better than working alone.

Our runners:

Alex Webster:

Amelia Freeman:

Andrew Pickard:

Charles Laporte-Bisquit:

Christiana Orton

Edward Nyman: 

Ella Crawley: 

Franca Conte:

Ginny Bicciolo:

Heidrun Walsh

James Naylor:

Marija Stojanovic:

Oliver Bartholomew:

Ross McKeown:

Sian Smith:

And LLST's very own Rosa Coleman and Pip Hicks:

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