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Walk the Thames is real challenge event, with participants opting to walk (or run) a half or full marathon in one day along the banks of the Thames. 

We are looking for corporate partners who would like to market to this group as a whole, or specific segments, and help us to make our fundraising event as successful as possible.

Basic details of the packages we can offer are at the foot of the page (click on each to expand it and see full details), but we appreciate the need to tailor these to your objectives and so would love to discuss options and thoughts. 

If you are interested please contact Natalia on 0207 092 3972 or at natalia@llst.org.uk

Who will you reach?

LLST have a core database of supporters. Most commonly we have key contacts for a firm/chambers who then disseminate the information within the company. We currently have over 4,600 email contacts. 

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Breakdown of last year's Walk the Thames walkers:


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LLST Website

All events are featured with in-depth information and details are constantly updated. All communications point towards the LLST website and a large number of new enquiries come via the website. From 1st January 2015 - 1st January 2016 the LLST website had: 

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Social Media

LLST has a strong presence on social media, using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to build awareness and participation in our events as well as drawing attention to our partners.

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Walk the Thames - on the day

Our walkers will be walking for around 7 hours, if they are doing the full marathon. This means, effectively, a working days' worth of Tweets and Facebook posts about the event. We are quick to catch any social media activity and promote it through our own channels, maximising exposure to our activities and your sponsorship. 

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