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Celebrate someone special and help LLST raise vital funds to secure access to justice for some of the most vulnerable in London and the South East. Celebrate your special someone's life, the journey they may made or their tremendous achievement in battling with life's obstacles, with a fundraising page that is dedicated to a cause personal to them. There is no better way to mark their courage than by standing up for the rights of the most vulnerable and fundraising in their honour. 

1) Support - you can create a Someone Special page for anyone going through an illness or particularly challenging time.

2) Commemorate - in memory of someone you love, in the place of flowers or other tributes. You can raise funds for something that your friend or family member was particularly passionate about, marking their loss by making a tangible, positive difference in the world.

3) Celebrate - celebrate someone having overcome a challenge or hardship in their life. Be this a battle with an illness or overcoming something challenging, you can pay tribute to their achievement by raising money to help others overcome serious hardships.

You can raise money for LLST in the name of your special someone. There are many ways you can personalise the page to tell their story. You can share photos and videos with your supporters, of special memories or record their journey with updates on their progress. Visitors to your page are able to leave messages of support and encouragement.


To create a Someone Special page all you need is to follow these simple steps:

1) Visit the Virgin Money Giving website, create a page and select "Someone Special" 

2) Add details about your friend or relative. The more information on your page the better.

If you dedicate a page in memory, you can tell the story of your loved one and of the people they wanted to help in their lifetime.

If you are telling the story of someone who has overcome a great obstacle, you will be able to share their progress, mark significant milestones in their recovery and raise awareness of the cause that they wish to help. 

3) You may then choose that LLST will benefit from any donations to your page. 

4) Now you can personalise the page with photos, videos, link the page to twitter or anything else that helps tell the story of your special someone and their cause.

5) Lastly you will be given a link to the page you have created, that you can then share with others.


For more information or if you would like to set up a Someone Special page please email:


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