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LLST is a relatively young charity, having only been created in 2004, and it has grown incredibly in the 10 years since, largely because of the willingness of its supporters to advocate its work and events.

We cannot over-emphasise the difference one person or organisation can make. By ensuring that you get as many people as you can involved in our events, volunteering at legal advice agencies or even just being aware of the issue of ensuring access to justice, you can change so much.

With only three staff, a handful of volunteers, ten trustees and seven patrons, your voice can really help. Spread the word, email or blog about us and our events, follow and mention us on twitter (@londonlegal), find us on LinkedIn (Bob Nightingale) , or "like" us on Facebook and make sure everyone knows that you think our work, promoting a legal system where everyone has access to justice, is important.

We need your help to spread the message - please contact us if you want further information about the legal aid cuts and their impact as well as that of the local authority funding cuts and the current situation in the legal advice sector. We hope to hear from you.

Thank you.

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