Pro Bono to Partnership

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In these times of ever more restricted government and charity funding, legal advice agencies will look to corporate support to fill the void in funding for services which they provide.

At the same time larger firms are developing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes which cover far more activity than just pro bono advice.

The help of large firms and chambers is needed far and wide, and it is a function of LawWorks and the Bar Pro Bono Unit to try to spread that help so that it isn't only distributed among the limited number of agencies close to city centres. In addition to ad hoc help and advice to such agencies, firms and chambers can build productive pro bono partnerships with particular agencies and it is possible for those relationships to develop beyond standard pro bono arrangements and become fully-fledged CSR partnerships.

The needs of legal advice centres are particularly suited to the resource capacity of large corporate law firms, and this type of relationship best allows for both parties to maximise the benefits of being partners.

This type of CSR relationship, as suggested above, normally starts with a pro bono partnership. This is the easiest form of support that a firm can give to an advice centre, and crucially is one of the easiest to terminate if the partnership does not flourish; beginning such a relationship is relatively risk-free.

To find out more about the types of support a law firm or chambers can provide in a pro bono partnership, click here.

To find out what you would need to contribute as an advice agency, click here.

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