Getting Involved As A Law Firm, Chambers or Company

Besides getting as many employees involved with LLST events as possible, there are several key ways that commercial companies can help the London Legal Support Trust.

Direct donations

LLST is hugely lucky to receive donations directly to boost our funds to distribute to those who apply for grants to us. Consider making us your charity of the year or recipient of excess funds this year and receive tax relief on the money you donate.

Sponsorship opportunities

We actively seek sponsors for each of our fundraising events and hope to give those companies that choose to support us in this way a unique opportunity to be recognised alongside LLST and market themselves to our supporters. For information about what we offer for each event please contact us.

Match funding

Many organisations offer match funding for the charitable efforts of their employees. When getting involved with our events, from taking part in the London Legal Walk, to running a marathon, to baking for justice in the Great Legal Bake, be sure to enquire about match funding at your organisation as you may be able to double the amount you raise!

Donate proceeds

If you hold a seminar or other event for clients or similar on a regular basis we would be most grateful if you thought to donate the proceeds from that to LLST.

In kind donations

You can see examples of those who provide these for us here

Client account interest

Allen & Overy donates the interest earned on their client account monies to LLST which has been a wonderful source of funds additional to their support of our events. Contact us to discuss how this can be done.

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