Disability Cases


"Living with severe mental health problems is challenging. I didn't know what I would do without my disability allowance. The local Law Centre has given me back my safety and security."

Willow is a young woman living with severe mental illness. She has spent time in hospital being treated for acute mental health problems. In spite of this her disability allowance was taken away when she was moved to PIP. A huge drop in her weekly income left her in an emotionally distressing and desperate situation. With the help of her local Law Centre, Willow fought and won an appeal to reinstate her disability allowance and a payment of £2,500 in arrears. The extra money makes all the difference to Willow's life and gives her the security she needs to be able to focus on her wellbeing.  


Mr C went to his local advice agency after he was transferred from Disability Living Allowance onto the replacement benefit PIP. His award had been downgraded so that he lost his mobility vehicle even though he was almost completely immobile as he had had a leg amputated at the hip and suffered continuous incredibly painful infections at the stump so that he was unable to use a prosthetic leg. He also suffers from arthritis, joint and back pain. He did not know how to appeal nor did he have the confidence to do so on his own. The agency caseworker filed an appeal for him and represented him at the hearing where his mobility entitlement was reinstated and he got his mobility vehicle back, which transformed his life and gave him back some independence.

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