Peter Gardner

Peter Gardner - Trustee

External Position

At present none, I am retired.

When did you first get involved with LLST? 

Have been a Trustee since LLST was first set up.

What is your favourite part of the role?

Helping organisations to provide assistance to a wide range of clients.

What is the worst part of the role? 

Having to reject well-worked-up applications either because of lack of available funds, or that the application is not for something we currently fund.

Have there been any memorable moments?

When we broke the £1 million barrier in our fund raising - "from a small acorn does a mighty oak grow".

What do you hope to see in the future for LLST/ the agencies we support?

With the government cut backs in Legal Aid the future of the voluntary legal sector looks very shaky. I am not sure how much we can do to help prop it up as we are still a fairly small and our funds are limited and can in no way fill the massive gap left by the end of government funding.

When you are not working or volunteering what can you be found doing?

My hobbies are DIY, gardening, photography and cycling.

Favourite Book or Film?

I don't have a single favourite book or film. One of my favourite authors is Eric Newby, the travel writer.

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