Increased Need

In 2012-13, according to Ministry of Justice statistics, there were 870 not-for-profit legal aid providers. In 2013-14 there were just 95 - a fall of 90%. The impact of legal aid cuts, combined with local government spending cuts and other funding changes, has been estimated to take over some £100 million annually out of the advice economy in England and Wales.

There is little funding available for many of the problems which have a significant impact on people's lives, such as; claiming the welfare benefits to which they are entitled; employment disputes, concerning a wide range including pay, conditions of work, harassment and bullying; immigration issues, which force people to live apart from their loved ones; discrimination in accessing goods and services; housing including homelessness advice and many disrepair cases, and community care support to give people the best possible quality of life.

LLST offers support to a wide range of not for profit advice and legal services, which provide a key route to access for justice for people with these and related problems, which can affect any of us, every day.



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