FAQs about LLST

Why does LLST need to exist?

Many of the advice agencies we support are run on such tight budgets that any "administration", such as the time and staffing needed for raising money, is not funded, and so unless these agencies have volunteers who are skilled in this area fundraising must either detract from other work or not be carried out. The London Legal Support Trust provides a mechanism through which fundraising can occur. The Trust is entirely self-funding and so does not take away from any funding pools that exist for legal advice providers; any work it does and money it raises benefit only the wider community.

Does LLST provide legal services itself?

No, we work solely on the fundraising and social policy side of things. Our beneficiaries are the advice agencies we support and if they are in need of legal advice we try to help find this pro bono either through LawWorks (the solicitors pro bono group), the Bar Pro Bono Unit, or by approaching one of the law firms who take part in LLST events.

Why is keeping free legal advice going so important?

Community legal advice services are important as they help the most vulnerable individuals and families to be treated fairly. They help over 2 million people every year receive protection, shelter & education. For over 60 years legal and advice services have been helping local people to help themselves.

If someone does not get help early in a problem, it will only become more complex, harder to resolve and more costly. The right advice early on can save £10 for every £1 invested and keep families together in their homes, and in work and education.

Up to two-thirds of the population are unaware of how to get the legal services they need, and nearly 70% have no knowledge of basic legal processes. Less than 50% of young people facing serious problems, for example in housing and education, get the advice they need.

To see some examples of the cases our work funds please click here

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